Welcome to NIS! It is my great pleasure to share my 30 years’ experience of excellent British education in Nilai, and to offer your children all the opportunities our teachers at NIS can give.

Nilai International School offers an ideal start in life - international education studied in English but rooted in the best traditions of Malaysian and Eastern culture, for tomorrow’s global graduates and world citizens. Nilai’s understanding, caring and knowledgeable teachers use their personal skills with proven technologies and academic resources to deliver the English National Curriculum and Cambridge International programmes, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Islamic Studies to the highest standards.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) pre-school programme is an education system to help children under 5 to build reading, writing and number skills, while learning to learn effectively and develop with confidence as young people. The Cambridge International syllabus for Years 1-11 builds knowledge, creativity, self-discipline and curiosity while preparing students for Cambridge IGCSE examinations at the age of 16. Equipped with those IGCSEs at Nilai, students progress to higher levels of learning at neighbouring institutions, or anywhere in the world.

Nilai International School also offers full boarding facilities, where the children are supervised by House Parents who are also their teachers, in an environment that is encouraging and safe, allowing pupils to continue their education out of school hours in group and individual activities. Both day and boarding students at Nilai enjoy the use of our swimming pool, gymnasium and sports complex and football pitch. We encourage all students to seek fitness, to learn to perform under pressure, to challenge and care for themselves, and to achieve personal bests, whether through team or individual exercise, specialist sports such as golf and fencing, or creative activities such as debating, drama, art and music.

At Nilai, it is my priority to ensure that every member of staff strives to spend time with, to listen to, to know, to support, to challenge and inspire each child. We offer a leading academic education and a rich co-curricular programme in a school based on positive relationships, helping today’s children become
tomorrow’s wise adults, productive citizens, and visionary leaders. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss how your children, your family and you can benefit from the expertise, education, care and inspiration we offer at Nilai International School!


Charles Dormer