Leadership and Personal Development

Cambridge School students are supported to learn the skills, confidence and personal qualities which will help them to take control of their own lives, and become leaders of positive change in tomorrow’s world.

At Nilai International School, Personal Development is encouraged in many ways:

  1. Mental fitness is built through learning quantitative, logical and investigative skills in Mathematics and Science, and positive religious, moral, ethical and social values in Agama, PSRE/Moral lessons, school assemblies and many other subjects such as English Literature, World History and Malaysian History.
  2. Physical fitness is built on land and in water through specialist programmes and State-level competition.
  3. Social fitness is built through enjoying our diversity, working together, playing and creating together, and celebrating each other’s culture and festivals. Teamwork is very highly valued in Malaysian culture and society, and respect for others is deeply ingrained in everything we do. Communication, public speaking, Drama, Music, Art, ICT and debating are all taught to help young people to express themselves effectively in their future lives.
  4. Leadership training and good citizenship come through our Prefect system and through our Charity work, which encourage students to play a full role in the running of school events, the raising of funds and planning of projects, and the leadership of the school community. Through these activities, students learn to master themselves and to serve the greater good.
  5. We are also proud to deliver the premier international youth leadership training programme in the world, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.


Duke of Edinburgh