Pastoral Care for our Boarders

Providing excellent pastoral care is at the core of Boarding at Nilai International School. The House Parents monitor the progress of the Boarders and work hard to ensure that they happy, healthy and fulfilled individuals.  

The Boarding House is well-staffed and is led by the Head of Boarding and International Projects and the House Parents. They are all trained and experienced academic members of staff who live in the Boarding House. This creates a caring community and a family atmosphere.

The House Parents are the first point of contact for students, parents, and guardians regarding any questions or concerns. The House Parents actively promote the personal growth of the Boarders, developing their life skills and providing positive experiences. Within a safe and structured environment, students are guided to take responsibility, work positively with tolerance and respect, and develop independence.



There is a Sick Bay on the school campus, and we are located next to Nilai Medical Centre for any professional medical needs. The local health economy is well-developed, and a wide range of doctors and dentists are minutes away. A member of staff will always be available to accompany a Boarder to appointments off-site.



NIS is a purpose-built environment for world-class learning. The House Parents promote balanced life-styles and provide many opportunities for Boarders to make positive connections between themselves and the world. The House Parents encourage Boarders to be diligent and participate in a range of activities. The Boarding House community strives to develop self-esteem and a strong sense of belonging. Prefects also play a positive role within the House, nurturing and supporting younger students.

What are the rooms like?

All students have study-bedrooms within secure, separate Boys’ and Girls’ wings. All rooms benefit from en-suite bathrooms with hot showers.

Can my child have their own room?

Students can have either single or twin rooms. Sharing is preferred as students learn the skills needed to live together.

Are visits allowed?

Of course! The best time is after school or during the weekend as so not to interrupt learning time.

What time do students go to bed?

Students need to be in their rooms, quiet and with lights out by 10.15pm. This ensures that they are ready and refreshed for the next day.

What will happen if my child is ill in the night?

There is always a member of staff in the House over-night in addition to the school’s Security Team. If your child feels ill, they can contact the Houseparent on duty.

What will my child eat?

Our students enjoy a varied and wholesome menu of Western and Oriental food, and are surveyed regularly regarding their preferences and choices.

Do my children do their own laundry?

Yes, we provide several washing machines and dryers so that students can learn to do their laundry. This encourages independence.

What about cleaning?

We have a dedicated Cleaning team who clean the House each day except for Sunday. Students take pride in their own bedrooms by ensuring they are clean and tidy.

And shopping?

Uniform, books and materials can be purchased at the School Office. Two shopping trips to local malls are provided each week.

Do my children have to be in their school uniform all the time?

During the school day, all students are expected to be in uniform and look smart, although this is often sports kit for physical activities. After school and on the weekends, Boarders are encouraged to wear their own clothes.

Please find our Boarding Guide here: