Hello! I am Sarah Boyle, Head of Boarding and International Projects at NIS. My job is to give Boarders a home-away-from-home, or better-than-home experience, where they are cared for and live positively. The Boarding Team and I monitor the academic progress of our students very carefully and also look after their well-being so they can be happy, healthy and feel fully part of our International School community.

The decision to choose Boarding is an excellent one! Students benefit from the increased contact time with dedicated teachers, and the ability to create strong and enduring friendships within a supportive environment. Their confidence develops alongside their ability to be flexible and resilient.

We understand that being away from home may be a daunting experience for children at first. At Nilai, we offer superb support and care to children and their parents, based on regular communication between staff, students and parents. With time, patience and attention to individual needs, we teach our students to be successful in the real world, take responsibility for themselves and each other, and learn to live in a diverse community with mutual understanding and respect.