Further Studies

Typical NIS Student Profile at IGCSEs
10 or 11 Cambridge IGCSEs in Maths, Additional Maths,  Biology, Chemistry,  Physics, English First Language, Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia, Music or English Literature, Geography, Economics, and ICT or Computer Science. 
Ash – 
7 or 8 Cambridge IGCSEs in Maths, Double Science, 
English Second Language, Mandarin or Bahasa Malaysia, Business Studies, Accounting and Economics.
5 or 6 Cambridge IGCSEs in Maths, Single Science or Physics, Additional Maths or Music or Art, ICT, Chinese and English Second Language (or IELTS alternative).
Ash Minimum Entry -
3 or 4 Cambridge IGCSEs in Maths, English Second Language (or IELTS alternative), Single Science or Art or ICT or Business Studies.


Progress to Notes
Two years “A” Level or IB programmes at other schools, then the world’s top universities for 3 years or more to B.A./B.Sc. level. “A” Levels or IB can be studied at other schools nearby in Malaysia, or in England or Europe.
One-year Foundation or Conversion course, followed by a university study, for example, Trinity College Melbourne for the Foundation, followed by Melbourne University -  

Remember, Nilai University offers substantial discounts to students from NIS!

Major British Universities also have campuses in Malaysia – www.nottingham.edu.my
(Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland) www.southampton.edu.my

And Monash University from Australia also has Malaysian and South African campuses –

Courses at Malaysian universities and colleges accessible with 3 credits or more.

Popular Malaysian Universities in KL include Taylors and Sunway