NIS and Emerging Technologies

Nilai International School is passionate about preparing students for success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The whole Cambridge Curriculum is geared to preparing students to think creatively, collaboratively, connectedly and ethically, and to apply emerging technologies and higher-order thinking skills to solve problems in tomorrow’s VUCA world – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous!

Our students are familiarized with the use of ipads, desktop computers and ICT from their first days with us aged 4. We use Interactive Whiteboards and Smart Panels in all of our classrooms to enhance interactive learning, and we encourage students to use their hand-held devices educationally through on-line quizzes and literacy and numeracy competitions.

Coding, Computer Science and Robotics are also taught to children across the age range as part of their ICT lessons in each year group. We use an international robotics-teaching programme called Marty the Robot to make these important skills accessible and enjoyable for all children.