Upper Secondary

Upper Secondary education in English schools is known as Key Stage 4. It is usually a two-year programme of study in National Curriculum Years 10 and 11, although commonly it can begin in Year 9 and/or continue into Year 12 to allow students more time to reach the high standards involved, or to re-sit important examinations.

Students study some Core subjects such as English and Mathematics, and enjoy Physical Education, Swimming, Assemblies and Local History lessons together. All other lessons at this level are chosen through the IGCSE Options system – see the next tab, Cambridge IGCSE Examinations.

Health, fitness and sporting competition are emphasized. Outdoor adventurous training and leadership skills, ecology and environmentalism play a continuing role in the development of our students as global citizens and community leaders of the future. Students are encouraged to take the Bronze Award and work towards the Silver Award in the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award scheme, and to take leading roles in social entrepreneurship, enterprise and Eco-School activities.