Safeguarding Statement

Nilai International School is committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. Applicants to work or volunteer here must be prepared to undergo screening, including checks with past employers, to ensure that they are fit and proper persons to be working with children in a school operating under British values, and standards of child safety.
Please see our full Safeguarding Policy here:

Safeguarding Policy Pdf



Elimination of Bullying Policy

NIS seeks to help children build a bully-free future, to make better tomorrows for future generations. Please see our full Elimination of Bullying policy here:

Elimination of Bullying Behavior Policy Pdf

Rewards and Sanctions Policy

NIS seeks to encourage children to adopt positive, life-affirming, caring, academically successful and responsible behaviours, while discouraging negative, destructive and irresponsible behaviours. Please see our full Positive Encouragement, Constructive Criticism and Sanctions Policy here:

Positive Encouragement Policy Pdf

Pupil Supervision Policy

NIS keeps a close eye on children to ensure their wellbeing. Please see our full Pupil Supervision policy here:

NIS Pupil Supervision Policy 2019 Pdf

Safer Recruitment Policy

Nilai International School takes professional action to ensure that adults who work with our children are fit and proper persons to do so, professionals who are physically, mentally and morally healthy and balanced role models, mentors and teachers for children. We require medical and background checks on all adults who work with our children, and we seek staff and adult volunteers who are good examples to our students of tomorrow’s healthy lifestyles – non-smoking, healthy-eating, exercise-taking individuals, who do not advocate the use of intoxicants, stimulants or addictive substances or behaviours of any kind. Please see our full Safer Recruitment Policy here:

Safer Recruitment Policy Pdf


School Rules for Students and Staff

A British International Education includes teaching students honesty, integrity, and to abide by judgements and decisions made properly by competent adults. To do this, they must understand and follow school rules which discourage bad behaviour towards others, encourage good behaviour, and include consequences and rewards with educational purposes. In the modern world, these rules must be applied not only inside the school, but on social media and anywhere NIS students or the reputation of NIS can be hurt by the wrong behaviour. The Student and Parent Handbook for 2019-2020 can be found here:

Student and Parent Handbook Pdf


Boarders who live in school form a special community which benefits from a few extra rules to support the safety and wellbeing of all residents in school. The Boarding Contract can be found here:

Boarding Contract Pdf

Respect must operate in both directions, and students must see that adults are educated in the exercise of their responsibilities and authority, and are also accountable for their conduct. All teachers at NIS are trained to understand and respect the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and how it informs our work in schools. A summary of the Convention can be found here:

United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Pdf


All teachers at NIS are trained to understand and respect the highest professional standards of the teaching profession, embodied in the England and Wales Teachers’ Standards which can be found here:

England and Wales Teacher's Standards Pdf

School Rules for Families and Family Communication With School – Some Answers to FAQs


Parents/guardians and teachers need basic guidelines for how to communicate with each other, and parents/guardians need to know the basic expectations of the school. Here are ours:


  1. CORRESPONDENCE AND COMMUNICATION. All written communication of any importance or significance should be by School Email, so that an official record exists on the School’s servers. Using school email encourages the correct levels of professional, responsible, and careful communication in both directions. Whatsapp and other social media are allowed for simple exchanges of essential information only, such as “I am at the main entrance, where are you?”, but not for discussion of a child’s academic progress, behaviour or personal wellbeing.
  2. SAFEGUARDING OF CHILDREN. British International Schools comply with UK law and generally-accepted international conventions on the treatment of children. Please see our Wellbeing and Safety information for full details. NIS will expect parents and guardians to exercise responsible, active supervision of children out of school time, not to leave children unsupervised or alone for extended periods, and not to cause physical or emotional harm to children. NIS students must be cared for actively at all times by appropriate, responsible adults, and either be living with caring parents or guardians, or in our Boarding House. These are essential pre-requisites for being a student at NIS.
  3. STUDENT ABSENCE FROM SCHOOL. Parents/Guardians should inform the School of planned absences for family events or holidays at least 10 days in advance, to allow School time to prepare for the child’s absence educationally. Parents/Guardians should inform the School in writing of all absences on the morning that they occur, so that we know the child is accounted for and is safe if not in school, especially if the child travels to school independently of parents. Please be aware that an International School year is only 180 working days, so any student absence, particularly at or near examination times for older children, can be damaging for children who miss important shared educational experiences in school.
  4. CONCERNS AND COMPLAINTS. If a parent or guardian has concerns, they should be raised with the relevant teacher first, verbally. Usually, concerns arise from miscommunication or misunderstanding which can be corrected by speaking directly to each other. If this does not resolve all concerns, then making an appointment to see the Principal comes next. To do this, write to the Principal on [email protected] with a brief factual list of your concerns, or give your concerns verbally to Ms Linda Anthony in the Principal's Office or to the School Administrator by telephoning the School Office and asking to speak with either of them. The Principal will probably wish to investigate and inform himself of all facts relevant to your concerns, and consult others to hear their perspectives, before meeting with you, but you will receive a prompt reply offering you the opportunity to meet and discuss your concerns further.
  5. ACCESS TO THE SCHOOL SITE, DELIVERIES. Parents and Guardians are welcome to drop their children off before school, and to pick them up after school, following the directions of our Security staff to promote safety and smooth traffic flow around the school. At other times, no visitors may enter the school site and no deliveries can be accepted without the permission of the School Administrator, Ms Wong Yee Kuai [email protected] or pre-arranged appointment with a member of staff.
  6. PARTIES AND SPECIAL EVENTS. We welcome celebrations, but ask that meal times be respected – children should eat their balanced School lunches, which are prepared for them each day, and not fill up on cake and sweets at meal times. Parties should therefore be held in the last lesson of the day, from 2:45 to 3:30 pm, or immediately after school. Parties should be arranged by writing to the Class Teacher at least 10 days in advance, and the Class Teacher will need to check that important lessons, examinations or school events will not be missed before giving permission for any party. Class Teachers will then secure the permission of the School Administrator for deliveries and family members to be accepted into school.

Experiential Learning, Outdoor Play, Sport, Lab Work, Craft, Adventurous Training, Trips & Visits at NIS

As a Cambridge School and an Eco-School, we believe children should learn to be confident in the real world, interact with nature and natural obstacles through outdoor play and hands-on learning, and apply their education in real-world situations which include using equipment and apparatus with skill. Our children will use playgrounds, run and jump on flat and sloping ground, and sometimes walk over rough terrain on hikes or beach-cleans; they will go out of school for sports, competitions, adventures, explorations and cultural visits; and they will use equipment and apparatus in Science Labs and Art Rooms.
Parents will always be written to in advance of trips out of school, and teachers in charge of activities will always perform Risk Assessments for any activity which brings new risks that children or staff may not be used to. All trips and activities are checked and approved by the Principal before proceeding.
Please ask us if you have any questions or concerns, and please see our Experiential Learning policy here:

School Security


NIS follows standard practice in Malaysia by employing a professional Security team. We have 9 guards, four of whom are on duty at any one time, and a secure school perimeter which keeps our students, staff and Boarders safe at all times. Security Guards in Malaysia are themselves an international community, so a little patience is sometimes needed in any unusual situations to ensure that communication is achieved, but the team is experienced and well-managed by our Head of Security, En. Awaluddin [email protected] who reports to the School Administrator, Ms Wong Yee Kuai [email protected]