What does Ethan say?

I joined my classmates at NIS in September 2019 – Sherman and I both came directly from TaiZhou, China to Malaysia together and we needed to learn English fast! I made a lot of friends from other classes and in the Boarding House. Our teachers were like good friends, and everyone was so kind and helpful.

One of my best memories was the 2020 CNY celebration at school. I got to see the lion dance along with many performances arranged by our music teacher and I was in one of the performances with my friend Ming Jie. Also, I joined some competitions like the World Scholars Cup, a debating competition, and the Kangaroo Math competition. I really enjoy the excitement and nervous feelings of competition.

During the pandemic lockdowns, the Principal accompanied us and taught us in this hard time. I was getting ready for IGCSEs and felt very nervous but forced myself to study hard and put in my best effort. I asked to study an extra, very hard IGCSE course, Chemistry, which was taught brilliantly by Ms Mardiana. I also studied the usual 6 Cambridge IGCSE subjects NIS teaches students from China who are learning English – English Second Language, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Physics, ICT, and First Language Chinese. I earned 5 A* Grades, an A Grade in ICT and a B Grade in English, which I am proud of.

NIS made me more mature and confident. The teachers at NIS gave me a strong base in every subject, which enabled me to study and learn much more effectively - without their energy I wouldn’t have come this far. Currently I am studying A-levels at Sunway University. NIS really showed me what I was capable of, and I am really confident in my A-level studies, even though the work is much more difficult. Thank you, NIS!

What do Ethan’s parents say?

I am very proud to see him improve in so many ways - he is so independent and mature. I am very happy how the teachers at NIS taught Ethan very well and improved his English so much. It was hard for him at first but now he speaks in full sentences and is also able to help his little brother with his English homework!