What does Irfan say?

My older brother had been an NIS student and had great results, so I was happy to follow in his footsteps. I still keep in touch with most of my NIS friends - the bonds and friendships formed in NIS are memorable, and I look forward to growing into adulthood within this group.

Working together in my class at NIS felt like a small family - whenever I had to brainstorm ideas with my classmates I found that education can be competitive yet collaborative. There were many trivial moments of joy outside of class time, including debates and discussions during lunch where the arguments were so wide-ranging and peculiar that I still think about them.

I am currently studying Foundation in Engineering and everything I learned at NIS has benefited me in one way or another. NIS has given me a solid foundation to start my journey at university. Even the simplest good learning habits I picked up from NIS help me to this day. For sure, NIS has made my light shine!

What do Irfan’s parents say?

Isamir, our elder son, a pioneer student of NIS, graduated as a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. He’s 26 and currently an Executive Engineer at Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad. Both of our children love NIS and enjoyed their time in school. NIS provides a healthy environment and good relationships between parents, the Principal and teachers. E-mail correspondence between the Principal and parents works effectively, and relationships between teachers and students are very close and well-mannered. NIS is a well-built and well-located school on an impressive site. We will always be inspired by it!