Ethical, Moral and Religious Education at NIS


Malaysia is a society of many faiths and traditions, providing a fertile environment for young people to grow in religious awareness alongside their secular education. The official faith of Malaysia is a compassionate and tolerant Islam, overseen by the hereditary Rulers who are sworn to protect the rights of all Malaysians in their care, regardless of faith. Islamic family law applies to Muslims only, and all groups are taught to be respectful of each other.

Christian, Buddhist, traditional Chinese and Hindu public holidays and religious festivals are celebrated and respected in addition to the Islamic calendar. Muslim students and teachers attend prayers at our local Mosque on Friday lunchtimes. Many Chinese and Hindu temples are found in the surrounding area, as well as Christian churches including historical sites. Our weekly School Assemblies include Moral, Ethical, Spiritual and Religious dimensions, and we commemorate in school the major religious festivals of Malaysia, which include Chinese New Year, Wesak Day, Eid ul Fitr, Diwali and Christmas.

Muslim children are offered specifically Islamic teaching each week in our Agama Islamiyat lessons, while non-Muslims enjoy lessons in Moral, Personal, Social and Relationships Education taught by our international teachers, with separate lessons for boys and girls to allow teachers to have more relevant and targeted discussions with students in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Parents can choose Nilai International School with confidence that their children will have the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment which is rich in faith, heritage, and respect for religious traditions.