Physical and Mental Health at NIS

It is part of being a teacher in the UK to listen kindly and patiently to what children have to say, making time outside of lessons if necessary, or simply asking a child if they are OK during a break or lunch time, then actually listening to the answer. These UK teacher standards are understood and applied by all teachers at NIS. In addition, we have the Education Support Unit with its staff who are experienced in psychology and communication. This is a safe space where children can go when they need to unwind and share their thoughts and feelings with a skilled listener and adviser. Our students know where to find the ESU, and are always welcome to speak to any member of staff about their feelings.

Special Educational Needs

As a Cambridge school, NIS meets the UK's standards for inclusive education. This means that if children have the academic ability to study our curriculum and pass our examinations, then our professional job as Teachers and as Learning Support Assistants is to support them to do so. This includes physical, emotional, behavioural and tutorial support to the best of our ability and within our resources. Cambridge International Examinations can be taken by candidates who are supported by the granting of extra time, individual invigilation, rest breaks or personal or technological assistance, if their conditions merit that. Children can succeed in the Cambridge system with dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, ADHD, high-functioning autism, Asperger's Syndrome and other conditions which are common among learners in schools in the West. Please email [email protected] to arrange to discuss how NIS and a Cambridge education could be the best solution for your child.